The Original Cultural Tour

Ever wondered how coffee is grown, how pineapples are cultivated or how bark cloth was used before the arrival of cotton in Africa?!

This tour gives you a chance to find out more about the traditional Africa including the aspects of agriculture, history and society among others.

Spend the afternoon in the lush green Busoga tribe village of Bufuula just outside Jinja town and experience life in a true african village. This cultural tour starts with a brief from our guide Omusomesa Robert about the social structure of Busoga family, clan, tribe and country. Our guide opens up this seemingly complex traditional structure to visitors and discusses how traditional setting has changed over the past few years with the advent of Arab slave traders, European explorers and colonialists. Under the cool shade of the “tree of life” listen to interesting tales of how cultural norms where developed and traditional myths about rain creation. Learn about how the Basoga peope like most Africans learned to live in near perfect harmony with the environment by incorporating environmental conservation into their day to day lives through cultural norms, myths and practices like the totem system.

The second part of the tour involves walking around the neighbourhood while learning more about different aspects of the typical African life. See and learn about the various plants in the environment and their uses as medicine for treating malaria, hernia, high blood pressure, teething problems and dehydration among other ailments. Discover how the Basoga people created a symbiotic relationship with the plants and how each and every plant was believed to be of use even when the use was unknown.

Further learn more about food crops like matooke, pineapples, passion fruits, ground nuts, coffee, sweet potatoes and yams among other African crops. Listen and watch part of the food making processes like the matooke making process, coffee making process and groundnut soup making process.

Later on in the tour also learn about the traditional African cloth called the bark cloth and its use before the arrival of cotton. And finally see the different styles of traditional huts that were used for shelter and others for spiritual purposes.

Price per Person Number of people
$70 1
$40 2
$30 3
$20 4
$15 5+

This is a half day tour that lasts between 3 to 4 hours starting at 09:00am or 2:00PM

Please note a full day option with a picnic at Itanda falls can be arranged.